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Charles H. Smiley papers


Series I. Correspondence, 1934-1977

Container Description Date
Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6
Box 7
Box 33 Unsorted correspondence
Box 37 Unsorted correspondence
Box 41 Unsorted correspondence
Box 44 Unsorted correspondence

Series II. Courses

Container Description Date
Box 9 Astronomy
Box 14 Astronomy
Box 15 Astronomy
Box 40 Astronomy
Box 27 Astronomy (Student work)
Box 37 Astronomy (Student work)
Box 41 Astronomy (Student work)

Series III. Diaries, journals, and notebooks

Container Description Date
Box 10 Diaries, journals, and notebooks
Box 16 Diaries, journals, and notebooks
Box 30 Diaries, journals, and notebooks

Series IV. Writings

Container Description Date
Box 20 Published articles
Box 24 Typescripts
Box 11 "Planets and stars" (Newspaper column)
Box 12 "Planets and Stars" (Newspaper column)

Series V. Research

Container Description Date
Box 15 Eclipses and eclipse expeditions
Box 7 Mayan astronomy (Notes)
Box 8 Mayan astronomy (Notes and notebooks)
Box 9 Mayan astronomy (Notes)
Box 14 Mayan astronomy (Notes)
Box 17 Mayan astronomy (Notes)
Box 18 Mayan astronomy (Printed materials)
Box 19 Mayan scholars (Offprints and correspondence)
Box 21 Mayan scholars (Offprints and correspondence)
Box 22 Mayan scholars (Offprints and correspondence)
Box 23 Mayan astronomy (Notes and correspondence)
Box 25 Mayan astronomy (Notes)
Box 31 Mayan astronomy (Notes, drafts, printed materials)
Box 29 Missiles, halos, eclipses and other topics (Unsorted notes and drafts)
Box 17 Observations (Brazil, Peru, Jerimoth Hill Station)
Box 26 Observations, optical work, probability
Box 16 Refraction
Box 41 Sunspots, Mayan astronomy and other topics (Unsorted notes)
Box 43 Sunspots, weather, transits of Mercury and Venus (Notes)
Box 27 Various topics (Unsorted notes)
Box 28 Various topics (Unsorted notes and notebooks, drafts, and travel)
Box 32 Various topics (Unsorted correspondence, notes, drafts)
Box 34 Various topics (Unsorted notes and notebooks including Ladd observations)
Box 37 Various topics (Unsorted notes and drafts)
Box 39 Various topics (Unsorted notes, photographs, and printed materials)
Box 40 Various topics (Unsorted notes and drafts)
Box 44 Various topics (Unsorted notes)

Series VI. Professional associations

Container Description Date
Box 31 Conference materials
Box 33 International Astronomical Union (Correspondence)

Series VII. Audio and visual materials

Container Description Date
Box 35 Audio tapes: Sputnik III
Physical Description Note: 2 audio tapes
Box 36 Audio tapes: Sputnik III and other recordings
Contents Note: Includes Rachel Smiley recital and other personal recordings.

Physical Description Note: 16 audio tapes
Box 38 Audio tapes: Science fair, science forum, and concert recordings
Physical Description Note: 7 audio tapes.
Box 42 Audio tapes: Apollo II, interviews, and concert recordings
Physical Description Note: 24 audio tapesPotential deterioration (Vinegar syndrome)
Box 13 Photographs (Unsorted)