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Leon Holland Papers, 1877-1963


Series 1. Civil Engineering Drawings and Surveys
The civil engineering drawings, surveys, and related architectural renderings that represent Holland's life's work have been divided into six sub-series as follows: Land Surveys, Town Surveys, Coastal Surveys, Architectural Records, Tube Borings and Grade Profiles, and Miscellany.

Information Key

Each individual entry in the data base contains a brief synopsis of the relevant information found on the legend of each blueprint, drawing, ammonia process print and profile chart. Included is the original number assigned to the item by Holland, legend title or a brief description of contents, scale, date, and the name of the civil engineer/architect responsible for the rendering. The media of the particular drawing is indicated within parenthesis. (linen, sepia, tracing).

Name and location codes:

L.H.: Leon Holland

W.H.: William Hazard

J.R.: James Rose

C.E.G.: Cassius E. Gillette

S.S.: Sibley Smith

T.G.H.: Thomas G. Hazard

G.T.L.: G.T. Lamphear

E.T.: Edward Taylor

W.K. Willard Kent

C & H: Clark and Howe

MC: Map Case

OC: Oversize Cabinet

Land Surveys
Sub-Series I, Land Surveys, consists of contour maps and boundary plats plotted throughout the southern Rhode Island area by Leon Holland and other civil engineers associated with his firm. The drawings are grouped by town and, when feasible, arranged in alphabetical order within these geographical groupings. The alphabetical arrangement is based on local place name and/or statement of ownership. These surveys were completed between 1896 and 1946.

Town Surveys
Town Surveys, Sub-Series II, is comprised of street plans and profiles, as well as public works projects renderings, executed by Leon Holland and his associates for various towns and villages in Washington County, Rhode Island. The drawings are grouped by township jurisdiction and alphabetically thereunder by place name, project designation, and/or street location. They cover the years 1889 to 1933.

Coastal Surveys
In Sub-Series III, Coastal Surveys, can be found a variety of drawings relating to Holland's work on hydrographic and geodetic surveys. Included are wharf and break way drawings, as well as pond and coastline charts. The major portion of this sub series consists of an incomplete set of Rhode Island Intra-Coastal Waterways, surveys drawn up in collaboration with the United States Coast Guard. These drawings are arranged alphabetically by location and were completed between 1903 and 1934.

Architectural Drawings
Architectural Drawings, Sub-Series IV, consists of blueprints and design detail drawings from various architectural projects undertaken by Holland's firm. Included are some complete construction record sets for a number of cottages and homes constructed in southern Rhode Island. Various mockups, fragmented renderings, specifications, and other details from construction projects are also contained in this sub-series. The plans are arranged alphabetically by the name of the individual or firm which contracted Holland and were done between 1903 and 1935.

Tube Borings and Grade Profiles
Tube Borings and Grade Profiles, sub-series V, is comprised of oversize sketches and drawings executed during soil exploration for foundation work. They are arranged numerically by Holland's original coding system for possible cross reference to related projects.

Sub-series VI, Miscellany, consists of partially identified fragments and preliminary plat sketches executed on tracing paper, as well as a number of blueprint copies of historical maps. These items are arranged numerically by Holland's coding system and were done between 1890 and 1926.

Series 2. Business Records
Box 1-3, Folder 1-53
Series II, Business Records, contains many of the documents Leon Holland used in his business as a surveyor and civil engineer in South County in the first half of the twentieth century. Included in the series are land evidence records, copies of deeds, plat sketches, surveyor's notes, copies of wills, ledgers, income tax returns, and business correspondence relating to Holland's work in South County.

Among items of interest are land evidence records and copies of deeds relating to the property of many prominent families in South Kingstown and Narragansett. Such family names as Hazard, Wells, Tefft, Steadman, and Robinson, as well as the Catholic Diocese of Rhode Island, appear regularly in Holland's business papers. The deeds and land evidence records served as the raw materials from which Holland produced the carefully detailed maps and survey plats which appear in Series I. His ledgers of accounts receivable also reflect those same names and institutions and indicate the extent of Holland's business in the late 1920's and early 1930's.

Other items worthy of perusal include Holland's individual and business income tax returns for the 1940's. Studied in conjunction with the aforementioned ledgers, the income tax returns provide a detailed view of Holland's income over a thirty year period.

The series is arranged alphabetically by subject or type of record and chronologically by date within folders. Deeds and land evidence records and surveys are grouped together under their respective categories and then filed alphabetically by name of property owner.

Container Description Date
Box 1, Folder 1 American Society of Civil Engineers: Aims and Activities
Box 1, Folder 2 Certificate of War Necessity: Issued to Leon Holland
Box 1, Folder 3 Correspondence: Behneri-Rowe
Box 1, Folder 4 Correspondence: Safford-Wells
Box 1, Folder 4a Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Marie Brown
Box 1, Folder 5 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Browning/Whipple
Box 1, Folder 6 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Hazard Family
Box 1, Folder 7 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: St. Francis Church of Wakefield
1925, 1929
Box 1, Folder 8 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Stedman Family
Box 1, Folder 9 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Tefft Estate
1916, undated
Box 1, Folder 10 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Wells Family
Box 1, Folder 11 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Carpenter-Foster
Box 1, Folder 12 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Holland-Longstreet
Box 1, Folder 13 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Narragansett Improvement Co.-Woodmansee
Box 1, Folder 14 Holland, Carrie F.: Estate of
Box 1, Folder 15 Deeds and Land Evidence Records: Arnold-Brown
Box 1, Folder 16 Holley Ice and Transportation Co.: Invoices and Receipts
Box 1, Folder 17 Hopkinton, Town of: Site Elevations for Proposed School
Box 1, Folder 18 Income Tax Return: Employer Quarterly Tax Returns
Box 2, Folder 19 Income Tax Return: Employer Quarterly Return
Box 2, Folder 20 Income Tax Return of Leon Holland: Individual
1940-1945, 1947-1950
Box 2, Folder 21 Invoices and Receipts: Miscellaneous
Box 2, Folder 22 Invoices and Receipts: Miscellaneous
1947-1948, undated
Box 2, Folder 23 J. C. Tucker Company: Pier Construction Contracts
Box 2, Folder 23a J. C. Tucker Company: Pier Construction Correspondence
1913 Jun-1914 Jun
Box 2, Folder 24 J. C. Tucker Company: Pier Construction Correspondence
1914 Jul-1915
Box 2, Folder 25 J. C. Tucker Company: Pier Construction: Report of Dumping Dredged Material
Box 2, Folder 26 Ledger: Accounts Receivable
Box 2, Folder 27 Ledger: Accounts Receivable and Checking Account
Box 2, Folder 28 Mortgage: Charles Eccleston to Bertha Moultrap
1930 May 24
Box 2, Folder 29 Mortgage Notes
Box 2, Folder 30 Nichols vs. Whitford re: Oliver Watson Estate
Box 2, Folder 31 The Rhode Island Company x-ref.: Sea View Railroad
Box 2, Folder 32 Rhode Island Society of Professional Engineers: Organizational Meeting
Box 2, Folder 33 Rhode Island Unemployment Compensation Board
1939, 1941
Box 2, Folder 34 Sea View Railroad
1906, 1917
Box 2, Folder 35 South Kingstown, Town of: Highway Committee
Box 3, Folder 36 South Kingstown, Town of: Misc.
1949, undated
Box 3, Folder 37 Surveys: Charlestown Driftway
Box 3, Folder 38 Survey: Computations for H. P. Allen
Box 3, Folder 39 Survey: Computations for H. Holland and E. Tucker
Box 3, Folder 40 Surveys: Computations for F.(?) D. Kenyon
Box 3, Folder 41 Surveys: John Hearn
Box 3, Folder 42 Surveys: Highway near Charlestown Beach
Box 3, Folder 43 Surveys: Highway from High Street to Allans Ave, South Kingston
Box 3, Folder 44 Surveys: Highway from High St. to Willard Ave.
Box 3, Folder 45 Surveys: Highway at Kingston (Upper College Rd.?)
Box 3, Folder 46 Survey: Pike Land
Box 3, Folder 47 Survey: Oak Dell
Box 3, Folder 48 Survey: Silver Lake Ave.
Box 3, Folder 49 Survey Notes: Misc.
Box 3, Folder 50 United States Post Office, Narragansett Pier: Soil Test
Box 3, Folder 51 Watson, Oliver: Estate of x-ref: Nichols vs. Whitford
Box 3, Folder 52 Wells, Pardon A.: Last Will and Testament and Decree (copy)
1890, 1896
Box 3, Folder 53 Workman's Time Book

Series 3. Family Correspondence
Box 4-5, Folder 54-84
The Family Correspondence Series, Series III, contains correspondence among family members, as well as letters to family members from friends and acquaintances. The bulk of the series consists of the correspondence of Holland's daughter, Marion, though all members of the immediate family are represented.

Marion Holland, a nurse by profession, was a frequent overseas traveler by avocation and an inveterate letter writer. Her letters to her mother and father from Asia in the 1930's convey a wealth of colorful detail about the lifestyle of a part of European society seemingly untouched by the ravages of the Great Depression. Her comments and observations about those with whom she came in contact also reveal her to be somewhat the "ugly American" abroad. In many instances, she made derogatory and even racist comments about fellow passengers on cruise ships, fellow tourists and natives in Europe and even about the crews on board the ships on which she sailed.

As a frequent correspondent, Marion Holland also received a large number from of letters friends in the United States and abroad. Again, as with the letters she wrote, the letters she received reveal a great deal about the attitudes and lifestyles of the 1930's both here and abroad.

Correspondence between Leon Holland and his then fiancée Mary Mae between 1895 and 1900 by their daughter Lucile from her then fiancé, Anthony Ruo, in 1944 and 1945. The Holland-Rose correspondence reflects the genteel nature of a late Victorian era courtship, while the letters from Ruo to Lucile Holland are more ardent and certainly more graphic in their passion. Despite the apparent passion, however, the evidence indicates that Ruo and Lucile Holland never married.

The letters are arranged alphabetically by the name of the recipient and chronologically by date within folders.

Container Description Date
Box 4, Folder 54 Holland, Leon: From Julia Armstrong Holland (his mother)
Box 4, Folder 55 Holland, Leon: From daughter Marion Holland
1940-1941, 1949
Box 4, Folder 56 Holland, Leon: From [Holland] Mary Rose (his future wife)
1893,1898 Jun-1899
Box 4, Folder 57 Holland, Leon: From [ Holland ] Mary Rose (his future wife)
1889 Jul-1900 Jan
Box 4, Folder 58 Leon: From [Holland] Mary Rose (his future wife)
1900 Feb-1900 Oct, 1903
Box 4, Folder 59 Holland Leon
1900, 1907-1908, 1917, 1919, 1923-1924, 1940
Box 4, Folder 60 Holland, Lucile: From her fiancé, Anthony Ruo
1944 Jul-1944 Sep
Box 4, Folder 61 Holland, Lucile: From her fiancé, Anthony Ruo
1944 Oct-1944 Dec
Box 4, Folder 62 Holland, Lucile: From her fiancé, Anthony Ruo
Box 4, Folder 63 Holland, Lucile
Box 4, Folder 64 Holland, Marion: From Irving Churchill
1920-1921, 1924
Box 4, Folder 65 Holland, Marion: From William Hohey
Box 4, Folder 66 Holland, Marion: From Leon Holland (father)
Box 4, Folder 67 Holland, Marion: From Spink Newman
Box 4, Folder 68 Holland, Marion: From Charles Saldanha,S. J.
1930-1933, 1935
Box 4, Folder 69 Holland, Marion: Miscellaneous
1911, 1918-1921, 1923
Box 5, Folder 70 Holland, Marion: Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 71 Holland, Marion: Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 72 Holland, Marion: Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 73 Holland, Marion: Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 74 Holland, Mary Elizabeth Rose (wife of Leon Holland): From Leon Holland
1893, 1898-1899
Box 5, Folder 75 Holland, Mary Elizabeth Rose (wife of Leon Holland): From Leon Holland
1900, 1905
Box 5, Folder 76 Holland , Mary Elizabeth Rose (Mrs. Leon Holland): From daughter Marion
1927, 1930, 1933
Box 5, Folder 77 Holland , Mary Elizabeth Rose (Mrs. Leon Holland): From daughter Marion
1934 Oct, 1934 Dec
Box 5, Folder 78 Holland , Mary Elizabeth Rose (Mrs. Leon Holland): From daughter Marion
1935, 1937-1938
Box 5, Folder 79 Holland , Mary Elizabeth Rose (Mrs. Leon Holland): From daughter Marion
Box 5, Folder 80 [Holland] Mary Elizabeth Rose (Mrs. Leon Holland): Miscellaneous
1884, 1886, 1890-1891, 1893-1895, 1897-1900
Box 5, Folder 80a Holland, Mary Elizabeth Rose (Mrs. Leon Holland)
1904, 1915, 1919, 1923-1926
Box 5, Folder 81 Holland , Mary Elizabeth Rose (Mrs. Leon Holland)
1930, 1932-1933, 1940
Box 5, Folder 82 Rose, Mary Elizabeth x-ref.: Holland Mary Elizabeth
Box 5, Folder 83 Rose, Sarah
Box 5, Folder 84 Sympathy letters: Re: Death of Brandon Holland (Son of Leon and Mary)
1917 Jan-1917 Mar

Series 4. Family Memorabilia
Box 6-8, Folder 85-115
The Family Memorabilia Series consists of the odds and ends of everyday life that a family might collect over the years. Much it could be found in the dresser drawers of practically any contemporary family in the United States . Some of it may be valuable, but most of it is not. All of it, however, contributes to an understanding of the family who accumulated it and the era in which it lived.

Perhaps the most interesting item in the series is the large number of period postcards and souvenir folder postcards depicting scenes in the United States and Canada. The souvenir folder postcards of the depression era South reveal the racism that pervaded the region and the era. Blacks in these postcards are depicted performing servile labor, eating watermelon, and black children are referred to as "chocolate drops" in one postcard.

Other important items in the series include period greeting cards, Marion Holland's class notes and examinations from her days as a student at Brown University in the early 1920s, Mary Rose [Holland's] diary for 1898, Leon and Mary Rose Holland's wedding guest book from 1900, and the "baby book" and baby "booties" of the Hollands' son Brandon, who died in infancy in 1917.

The series is arranged alphabetically by the name of the person or the type of record/artifact represented.

Container Description Date
Box 6, Folder 85 Calling Cards and Wedding Invitations
1923-1932, undated
Box 6, Folder 86 Greeting Cards and Calendars
Box 6, Folder 87 Holland , Brandon Rhodes: Baby Book (son who died in infancy)
Box 6, Folder 88 Holland, Brandon (son who died in infancy): Misc.
Box 6, Folder 88a Holland, Leon L.: International Correspondence School, Scranton PA
Box 6, Folder 89 Holland, Leon L.: Rhode Island Militia Certificates
1895, 1898
Box 6, Folder 90 Holland, Marion : Class and Study Notes for Biology
Box 6, Folder 91 Holland, Marion : Class and Study Notes for Chemistry
Box 6, Folder 92 Holland, Marion : Class and Study Notes for German
Box 6, Folder 92a Holland, Marion : Class and Study Notes for History
Box 6, Folder 93 Holland, Marion : Class and Study Notes for History
Box 6, Folder 94 Holland, Marion : Class and Study Notes for History
Box 6, Folder 95 Holland, Marion : Class and Study Notes-Misc.
Box 6, Folder 96 Holland, Marion : Final Exam and Quiz Questions from Brown University
Box 6, Folder 97 Holland, Marion : Quiz and Test Answers
1919-1921 May
Box 7, Folder 98 Holland, Marion : Quiz and Test Answers
1921 Oct-1923
Box 7, Folder 99 Holland, Marion : Receipts
1916-1917, 1932-1933, 1962-1963
Box 7, Folder 100 Holland, Marion: Miscellaneous
Box 7, Folder 101 Holland, Marion: Miscellaneous
Box 7, Folder 102 [Holland] Mary Elizabeth Rose: Diary
Box 7, Folder 103 House Plans
Box 7, Folder 104 Infantry Drill Regulations
Box 7, Folder 105 Postcards: North and South America
Box 7, Folder 106 Postcards: North and South America
Box 7, Folder 107 Postcards: Photo Postcards
Box 7, Folder 108 Postcards: Souvenir Folder: Postcards of Early 20th Century Southern U.S.
Box 7, Folder 109 Programs: Concerts, Operas, Plays, etc.
Box 8, Folder 110 Rose, Sarah Susan: Diploma from Ladies Tailor Dressmaking College
Box 8, Folder 111 Rose, Sarah S.: Memorandum and Account Book
Box 8, Folder 112 Rose Family: 'Miscellaneous
1882, 1894-1895, 1898, 1905, 1926, 1946
Box 8, Folder 113 Sympathy Cards Re. Death of Mary Rose Holland May 1940
1940 May
Box 8, Folder 114 Wedding Guest Book: Marriage of Leon Holland and Mary E. Rose
1900 Dec 26
Box 8, Folder 115 Miscellaneous

Series 5. European Trips: Marion Holland
Box 8-9, Folder 116-133
Leon and Mary Rose Holland's daughter Marion was a single woman of independent means who liked to travel. Her job as a registered nurse at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City provided her with a steady income dur ing the depression and the financial wherewithal to indulge her desire to see the world. Marion Holland visited Europe three times during the 1930's.

This series represents what is probably a small fraction of the souvenirs and memorabilia that Holland collected during her sojourns to Europe . In combination with the letters which she wrote to her parents from Europe (See Series III, the Family Correspondence Series), the material found in this series series provides a glimpse of a Europe largely unaffected by the Great Depression.

Among the may items of import in this series are handwritten notes on the rates of exchange for various European currencies against the American dollar, guidebooks for major European cities, menus (with prices) from several cruise ships, cruise ship passenger lists, and samples of German and Russian paper currency from the 1920's and 1930's respectively. The most significant item in the series, however, is the large number of postcards which Marion Holland collected in Europe and sent to her mother, father, and sister, They depict scenes from the various European cities she visited and include her comments on many of the sites. They provide an interesting perspective on the major cities of Europe in the 1930's before the urban landscape was changed by the massive bombing of World War II.

The series is arranged alphabetically by the type of material (e.g. menus, postcards, etc.)

Container Description Date
Box 8, Folder 116 Business Brochures and Advertising
Box 8, Folder 117 Currency Rates of Exchange
Box 8, Folder 118 Currency: German and Russian
Box 8, Folder 119 Guidebooks: England
Box 8, Folder 120 Guidebooks: France, Germany, Italy
Box 8, Folder 121 Guidebooks: Holland
Box 8, Folder 122 Guidebooks: Switzerland
Box 8, Folder 123 Itineraries
1929-1930, undated
Box 8, Folder 124 Menus from Cruise Ships
1930, 1934
Box 9, Folder 125 Passenger Lists of Cruise Ships Aquitania and California
Box 9, Folder 126 European Scenes (Pages removed from an album) See oversize
Box 9, Folder 127 Photographs: "Penny" Photos of European Scenes
Box 9, Folder 128 Postcards
Box 9, Folder 129 Postcards
Box 9, Folder 135 Programs
Box 9, Folder 136 Receipts (Hotel, Dinner, etc.)
Box 9, Folder 137 Ticket Stubs (Trains, Theater, etc.)
Box 9, Folder 138 Miscellaneous

Series 6. Photographs
Box 9-10, Folder 134-146
The Photograph Series consists of approximately 200 photographs of people and places, almost none of which are identified in any way. Presumably, all are pictures of members of the Holland/Rose families and the places which they frequented. Absent any identification or original order, the photographs are arranged according to the main subject depicted in each photograph.

Container Description Date
Box 9, Folder 134 Adults in Groups
Box 9, Folder 135 Adult Men
Box 10, Folder 136 Adult Men
Box 10, Folder 137 Adult Women
Box 10, Folder 138 Adult Women
Box 10, Folder 139 Adult Women
Box 10, Folder 140 Album of Portrait Photos
Box 10, Folder 141 Children
Box 10, Folder 142 Children
Box 10, Folder 143 Infants
Box 10, Folder 144 Negatives
Box 10, Folder 145 Places: Unidentified
Box 10, Folder 146 Places: Unidentified