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Senate Committee on Judiciary Advice and Consent records (1995-239)

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Series 1. Advice and Consent
Box 1-30

Container Description Date
Box 1-30 Advice and Consent
Contents Note:

Failed Legislation - House and Senate bills before consideration of the committee. Includes supporting documentation such as committee roll and votes and amendments. Arranged numerically by bill number. Meeting Files - Legislation consideration arranged by date of meeting. Includes daily action sheet, quorum roll call, committee votes, short copies of bills, meeting notices, requests to be heard, and testimony. Meeting files may also include documents relative to the function of Advice and Consent. Such records would include roll call vote for advice and consent of nominees, copies of appointment letters, notice of public hearings, daily action sheet, copies of Rhode Island Ethics Commission of Yearly Financial Statements of nominees, copies of nominees resume/vitae and tax returns, copies of Judicial Nominating Commission Financial Statements, and copies of recommendations letters to chair. Nominee Files - Arranged A-Z. Includes copies of appointment letter, recommendation letters, vitae/resume, notice of meeting/public hearing, hearing transcripts and copies of Rhode Island Ethics Commission Yearly Financial Statements.