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Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation Division of Tourism photographs (1996-14)

Rhode Island State Archives

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The Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation Division of Tourism photographs are arranged chronologically by accession. The records are annged in the following series:

  • Series 1. Photographs, 1950-1980

This collection (specifically accession: 1996-14) was originally arranged by subject into two series. One series contained the negative and one positive image while the other series contained copies of the photograph. Overtime many of the files became mixed, and many of the folders were out of subject order when received by the Archives. The folders were left as is and numbered 1 through 280 and all information, including original folder title, was entered into a database. Some of the files were consolidated to prevent duplication of subjects. The database can be searched by title description, by geographical location, and by the scope note. A user copy of each file containing Xerox copies of the photographs was created to preserve the original photographs. In cases where there were multiple copies of the photographs, a photograph is used instead of a Xerox copy. Many of the original files also contain the corresponding negative. In those files that contain only negatives, the user file contains a note indicating that only negatives exist for that particular subject image. Files numbered 277 though 280 have no corresponding user files. This information is also indicated in the appropriate scope note.

Duplicate images existed and were purged where they were identified although some may exist within different folders within different accessions. Also where no folders existed, they were created with imposed folder titles in brackets by the processor.