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Historical note

The Rhode Island Statute Consolidated Commission was created by chapter 2768 of the 1951 public laws (formerly S-273, approved April 23, 1951) and was also known as the Digest Commission. Its purpose was to consolidate the general and public laws of the state as published in the 1938 Statutes and to include laws passed up to and including those of 1956 and annotations including all decisions up to January 1, 1957.

Members of the commission included the chief justices of the Supreme and Superior Courts (Edmund W. Flynn and Charles A. Walsh), the Secretary of State (Armand H. Cote), the State Librarian (Dr. Grace M. Sherwood), the assistant in charge of Law Revision (Maurice W. Hendel - also part of the Secretary of State's Office), the Supreme Court Reporter (Charles H. Drummey), and three active members of the Rhode Island Bar Association to be appointed by the Governor. The Commission issued a report at the end of this process which outlined specifications and recommendations for consideration in the publication of the 1956 enactment.