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Department of Transportation State Photolog Highway films (2001-17)

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Scope & content

The Department of Transportation State Photolog Highway films include two (2) sets of 35mm color films* on 400 ft. metal reels numbered 1 - 86. One set of films [Set A] has already been used and the other is unused [Set B]. Also includes two copies of the finding aid generated by Goodell-Grivas; B/W photographs of photolog pictures taken at the junction of Routes 14 and 102 in West Greenwich and 1 color photograph of Kingstown Road (Route 108); 35mm Projector “Stop Motion Analyzer”; Neumade splicer with tape; Operator’s manual for 35mm projector; Report entitled “Guidelines for Developing Highway Information Systems Using Photologs” by Goodell-Grivas Inc., Consulting Engineers (Southfield, Michigan), prepared for RIDOT September 1981; Five (5) reels of B filter prints of Reels 79, 80, 81, 82, and 86 on plastic cores in metal cans (metal cans are tin coated raw stock film cans); Grid System Footage on plastic microfilm reel; unidentified film on plastic microfilm reel; 2 films on metal reels - RI Photolog W.I.N. Hearing, March 28, 1984 (internegative and original work print); one unidentified film on metal reel (possibly W.I.N. Hearing user copy). * Kodak safety film manufactured in Rochester, New York in 1981