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Senate Legal Counsel Edward M. Fogarty records

Rhode Island State Archives

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Scope & content

The Senate Legal Counsel Edward M. Fogarty records include briefs, motions, court transcripts working papers, orders, clippings, interrogatories, judgments, correspondence and case histories. The records include the following subjects:

  • Separation of Powers - Re: Legislative appointments to state boards and commissions.
  • Town of Exeter v. State of Rhode Island - Re: Lawsuit against the state over allocation of education aid to the cities and towns.
  • Sundlun v. Pawtucket - Re: Communities’ actions against state officials seeking declaratory judgment that the state’s method of funding public education was unconstitutional.
  • Almond v. Lottery Commission - Re: Does the Constitution prohibit legislators and/or their appointees from constituting a majority of the membership of a public board.
  • Hawkins v. Lottery Commission - Re: Complaint of John Hawkins, Director of the Lottery Commission against the Commission and Governor for wrongful termination.
  • Sundlun v. Cicilline - Re: Veto power of the Governor.
  • Lt. Governor Advisory Opinions - Re: Request of the Senate of an Advisory Opinion (Election of Lieutenant Governor by the General Assembly in Grand Committee) and Request of the Governor for and Advisory Opinion (Appointment to fill vacancy in the Office of Lieutenant Governor).
  • Cote v Almond - Re: Plaintiffs seeking a declaration that Executive Order 94-20 "violated Article 12, Section 2 of the Rhode Island Constitution because the Order of November 7, 1994, establishing a preparatory commission was inherently incapable of fulfilling its constitutional duty of assembling information on constitutional questions for the electors the very next day’s vote on the question, ‘Shall there be a convention to amend or revise the Constitution?’"