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Rhode Island General Assembly Reapportionment and Redistricting records (2002-54)

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Scope & content

Legislative Re-Districting/Reapportionment Maps, 2002 (Accession 2002-54) contains official maps of the General Assembly’s Reapportionment Commission 78 maps (39 House and 39 Senate) and 2 map keys on foam core. (Maps created by Election Data Services, Washington, D.C. and dated 2/20/2002) These maps are arranged by municipality A-Z (house maps and senate maps). These maps do not reflect the court case in 2004. Maps were not updated to reflect the changes as a result of this case and the changes that occurred in 2005. Below are the public laws that reflect the changes in 2004 and 2005. 14.4 cubic feet

2005 Chapter 367 http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/PublicLaws/law05/law05367.htm

2004 Chapter 24 http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/PublicLaws/law04/law04024.htm

Reapportionment Committee records, 2001-2002 (Accession 2006-05) contains transcripts and VHS tapes of the General Assembly’s Reapportionment Commission 2001-2002. Besides the transcripts and the tapes, Box 2 has 1 map (folded) of Senate Plan Alternative E as amended 12/11/2001 (map is dated 12/12/2001). 2.4 cubic feet

Re-Districting Maps, 2002 (Accession 2008-43) contains PDF files that were downloaded from the Election Data Services website by the State Library. These maps are dated 2/12/2002 and are not the official maps of the 2002 Reapportionment Commission but can be considered drafts (for informational purposes only). They are arranged numerically by district number (house and senate). 111 files (21 mb)

Elmer E. Cornwell Jr. records, 1990-2001 (Accession 2010-16) contains the files of Elmer E. Cornwell Jr. who was a Professor of Political Science at Brown University, Little Compton Town Moderator, 1985 - 2004, member of the 1962 Commission On Reapportionment Of The House of Representatives, House Parliamentarian, 1977 - 2002 and Special Assistant to the Speaker of the House, 2003 - 2004. He was the House of Representatives' chief expert on Constitutional Conventions; Reapportionment and Municipal Home Rule Charters. These records contain information related to the 2000 United States Census and the state-level reapportionment and redistricting activities. 0.9 cubic feet

Maps, 1883-1988 (Bulk: 1970-1990) contains 123 maps including district maps and city and town maps. The maps were created by a variety of state and municipal entities. The maps include House and Senate district maps as well as maps of individual cities and towns showing representative districts and boundaries.