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Providence School Department records (2005-44)

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Historical note

The Providence School Board is the governing body responsible for ensuring that the Providence Public School District provides a high-quality education for all Providence students. Board responsibilities include:

Establishing policy to guide the superintendent in the administration and operation of the schools:

- Monitoring progress toward achieving district goals

- Engaging the community in planning for and supporting the schools

- Approving annual budget and monitoring district finances

- Selecting and evaluating the superintendent of schools

The School Board governs within a complex environment shaped by the current national focus on improving student achievement. PSB decision-making is constrained by Federal State laws and regulations, often limited resources, and sometimes competing demands from community members and various constituencies.

The Providence School Board is a nine-member Board appointed by the Mayor and affirmed by the City Council. There are three Board officers as directed in the City Charter: president, vice-president and secretary. Appointments generally are made in December with new Board members taking their seats and electing officers every January. Board members adhere to the highest ethical standards, including but not limited to those defined in state law, city codes of ethics, and adopted board codes of ethics. Board members also receive a modest annual stipend.