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William A. and Gael Crimmins papers and photos on Monumenta (SP 03)

Salve Regina University

McKillop Library
100 Ochre Point Ave.
Newport, RI 02891
Tel: 401-341-2276
Fax: 401-341-2951
email: archives@salve.edu

Scope & content

The Monumenta collection deals primarily with events that occurred after the opening of the exhibit. There are many newspaper articles from 1974 which represent both a positive and negative reaction to Monumenta. Also in the collection there are magazine and journal reviews of the exhibit. From the exhibit itself, there are maps which guided visitors to the location of each sculpture throughout Newport. There are various photographs included in the collection as well as foam-mounted wall board photographs from the Monumenta Redux exhibit. A digital copy of photographs is included on a DVD with a master directory.

There are no planning documents and no correspondence related to the artists and directors of the exhibit.

Digital reproductions of some materials in this collection are available at http://digitalcommons.salve.edu/monumenta/.