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Scope & content

The Brown-Tougaloo Exchange Records are organized into four series: Overview, Administration, Students and Curricula, and Finances and Development.

The first series, Overview, includes general information about Tougaloo College in the form of official catalogs and brochures as well as a Self Study undertaken by the college in 1967-1968. The history and administration of the Brown-Tougaloo Exchange Program is represented by the directors’ reports, promotional literature and Harold Pfautz’s History (1978-80). The series also contains a collection of both Tougaloo and Brown student publications and numerous newspaper and magazine clippings about the exchange program and black education in general. There is also a small collection of photographs.

The second series, Administration, includes most of the correspondence of program directors Harold Pfautz (1964-1966), William Benford (1966-1967) and Charles Baldwin (1967-1987), along with their reports to the Brown-Tougaloo Executive Committee, as well as records of the faculty, staff and tutors from both colleges who participated in the exchange. There are also related correspondence files for the presidents and upper administration of both colleges, including Tougaloo’s Board of Trustees and various Brown-Tougaloo liaison committees.

Most prominent in the third series, Students and Curricula, are the papers and recordings produced by the controversial Brown-Tougaloo English Language Project. Included are results of the initial Attitude Survey, Tougaloo student essays and recordings (reel-to-reel tapes, along with transcriptions), teaching and conference materials, and several copies of the Project’s final report by director W. Nelson Francis. In addition to the Language Project, the series includes student rosters and records of the Pre-Freshman and Pre-Med Programs at Tougaloo and the Post-Baccalaureate Program for Tougaloo graduates at Brown. There are also planning documents for Tougaloo’s Master Plan (often referred to as the Irwin-Miller-Sweeney Plan), which addressed both curricular and physical improvement. Some fundraising and publicity material for the Tougaloo Choir is also included.

The last series, Finances and Development, is a substantial collection of correspondence, grant materials, development literature and budgetary documents produced by the Brown and Tougaloo Development Offices and the Friends of Tougaloo. Included are grant applications to the Rockefeller and Huber Foundations as well as to the United Negro College Fund, the Fund for the Advancement of Education (Ford Foundation) and numerous others. A large portion of the series is occupied by materials (correspondence, legislation, applications) relating to Title III (Aid to Institutions) of the U.S. Higher Education Act of 1965. The Brown-Tougaloo Exchange Program was a model for Title III of the Act, which created a means to fund mentoring relationships between more established educational institutions and so-called “underdeveloped” schools.