Guide to the Stuart C. Sherman papers , circa 1720-1980

(bulk 1957-1980)

John Hay Library , Special Collections
Box A
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
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Published in 2013

Collection Overview

Title: Stuart C. Sherman papers
Date range: circa 1720-1980, (bulk 1957-1980)
Creator: Sherman, Stuart C.
Extent: 5.0 Linear feet
Language of materials: English
Repository: John Hay Library , Special Collections
Collection number: MS-1U-S5

Scope & content

These papers consist of correspondence spanning his career and beginning with his time spent as Librarian at the Providence Public Library, and materials generated while he was Librarian in the John Hay Library, including President's reports, Albert E. Lownes bibliography and personal library, notes on Lownes' History of Science Collection, and correspondence on Herman Melville (his bibliography and first printings). Also includes papers from the period when Sherman was Vice President of the Rhode Island Historical Society and later Trustee. His interest in whaling is well-represented by the papers, which include related correspondence from around the world, checklist of Whalemen, whaling records from the Island of Madeira, and notes on logbooks. The papers also include some personal material dealing with his resignation from Providence Public Library, as well as speeches and reviews.


The collection is organized in ten series:
  • I. Personal papers
  • II. Brown University
  • III. Carrier's Addresses
  • IV. Correspondence
  • V, Lownes, Albert E.
  • VI. Melville, Herman
  • VII. Providence Public Library
  • VIII. Rhode Island Historical Society
  • IX. Sherman, Stuart Capen, Class of 1939
  • X. Whaling

Biographical note

Class of 1939. Librarian of the John Hay Library, 1968-1976, when he became University library bibliographer. In 1978-79, he was the acting University librarian. He twice served as a member of the Board of Editors of the Brown Alumni Monthly, and was the editor of books at Brown, executive secretary of the Friends of the Library, and a director of the Associated Alumni.

Access & Use

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Contact information: John Hay Library , Special Collections
Box A
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
Tel: 401-863-2146

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Additional Information


Series I. Personal papers

Container Description Date
Box 1, Folder I.1 American Antiquarian Society
Box 1, Folder I.2 Antartica
Box 1, Folder I.3 Appraisals & Taxation
Box 1, Folder I.4 Beck, Irving A.,M.D. -- Rice Mission (Col. Earl M. Rice)
Box 1, Folder I.5 Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Box 1, Folder I.6 Bibliographical Society of America
Box 1, Folder I.7 Bibliography -- Lecture Notes Dr. Worth
Box 1, Folder I.8 Bibliography -- Van Hoesen
Box 1, Folder I.9 Book Collector
Box 1, Folder I.10 Book Club of California
Box 1, Folder I.11 Citizens Savings Bank
Box 1, Folder I.12 Club of Odd Volumes
Box 1, Folder I.13 Committee to Rescue Italian Art -- CRIA
Box 1, Folder I.14 Copyright
Box 1, Folder I.15 Current Company
Box 1, Folder I.16 Custom Records
Box 1, Folder I.17 Fine Print
Box 1, Folder I.18 First Printings of American Author
Box 1, Folder I.19 First Printings of American Authors
Box 1, Folder I.20 Gookin, Warner F.
Box 1, Folder I.21 Grolier Club, The
Box 1, Folder I.22 Humanities Foundation Bill
Box 1, Folder I.23 Kingston Free Library
Box 1, Folder I.24 Manuscript Society
Box 1, Folder I.25 Marine Historical Assoc. Inc.
Box 1, Folder I.26 Maritime History
Box 1, Folder I.27 Marthas Vineyard (1/2)
Box 1, Folder I.28 Marthas Vineyard (2/2)
Box 1, Folder I.29 Marthas Vineyard -- Anthology
Box 1, Folder I.30 Marthas Vineyard -- Burt, Henry
Box 1, Folder I.31 Marthas Vineyard -- Booksellers
Box 1, Folder I.32 Marthas Vineyard -- [Correspondence]
Box 1, Folder I.33 Marthas Vineyard -- Jetties
Box 1, Folder I.34 Marthas Vineyard National Archives
Box 1, Folder I.35 Marthas Vineyard Photos
Box 1, Folder I.36 Massey, Walter E.
Box 1, Folder I.37 Mathiesen, Robert -- Memorandum on the Annmary Brown Memorial and its use by the Committee on Medieval Studies
Box 1, Folder I.38 Mayhews, The
Box 1, Folder I.39 Meriden Gravure
Box 1, Folder I.40 Miscellaneous (1/3)
Box 1, Folder I.41 Miscellaneous (2/3)
Box 1, Folder I.42 Miscellaneous (3/3)
Box 2, Folder I.43 Mystic -- Publications Committee
Box 2, Folder I.44 Mystic Seaport
Box 2, Folder I.45 New Bedford Free Public Library
Box 2, Folder I.46 Old Dartmouth Historical Society
Box 2, Folder I.47 Peabody Museum
Box 2, Folder I.48 Phi Beta Kappa
Box 2, Folder I.49 Plantin-Moretus Museum
Box 1 Reminiscences of William E. Foster by Clarence E. Sherman. Intro: S.C. Sherman -- Staff Meeting
Contents Note: LP recording sides 1 and 2

1959 April 7
Box 1 Reminiscences of William E. Foster by Clarence E. Sherman. Intro: S.C. Sherman -- Staff Meeting
Contents Note: LP recording side 3

Box 2, Folder I.50 Rhode Island Acts & Laws
Box 2, Folder I.51 Rhode Island Imprints
Box 2, Folder I.52 Rhode Isand Marine Society
Box 2, Folder I.53 Rhode Island, University of, Friends of the Library
Box 2, Folder I.54 Riley, James Whitcomb -- The Passing of the Back House
Box 2, Folder I.55 Scrimshaw
Box 2, Folder I.56 Sheville, William E.
Box 2, Folder I.57 Small Press Imprints
Box 2, Folder I.58 Society of Colonial Wars
Box 2, Folder I.59 Soulaire, Dr. Jacques
Box 2, Folder I.60 Stinehour Press
Box 2, Folder I.61 Tyson, James A. -- [Obituary]
Box 2, Folder I.62 U.S.M.M.C. -- Monthly charges
Box 2, Folder I.63 Verranzano
Box 2, Folder I.64 Western Novel
Box 2, Folder I.65 Whos Who, Inc.

Series II. Brown University

Container Description Date
Box 2, Folder II.1 Brown University -- Alumni Advisory Council
Box 2, Folder II.2 Brown University -- Alumni Monthly
Box 2, Folder II.3 Brown University -- Associated Alumni
Box 2, Folder II.4 Brown University -- Brown Club of Rhode Island
Box 2, Folder II.5 Brown University -- Libraries
Box 2, Folder II.6 Brown University -- [Miscellaneous]
Box 2, Folder II.7 Brown University -- Presidents
Box 2, Folder II.8 Brown University -- Space
Box 2, Folder II.9 Churchwell, Charles D.
Box 2, Folder II.10 Examination of Special Collections by Thomas R. Adams and Stuart C. Sherman
Box 2, Folder II.11 Gifts to Brown University Libraries
Box 2, Folder II.12 Guide to Mss. Coll. In the Brown Univ. Libraries--1974
Box 2, Folder II.13 Honorary Degrees Awarded to Bookmen and Librarians by Brown University
Box 2, Folder II.14 Hornig, Donald F. --Reports

Series III. Carrier's Addresses

Container Description Date
Box 2, Folder III.1 Carriers Addresses [Correspondence]
Box 2, Folder III.2 Carriers Addresses, List of
Box 2, Folder III.3 Carriers Addresses, List of
Box 2, Folder III.4 Carriers Addresses, List of
Box 3, Folder III.5 Carriers Addresses, List of

Series IV. Correspondence

Container Description Date
Box 3, Folder IV.1 [Correspondence] -- Booksellers
Box 3, Folder IV.2 [Correspondence] -- Glicksman, Maurice
Box 3, Folder IV.3 [Correspondence] -- Hough, Henry B.
Box 3, Folder IV.4 [Correspondence] -- Jernegan, Prof. M.W.
Box 3, Folder IV.5 [Correspondence] -- Miscellaneous (1/2)
Box 3, Folder IV.6 [Correspondence] -- Miscellaneous (2/2)
Box 3, Folder IV.7 [Correspondence] -- Osborne, Mrs. Abeel
Box 3, Folder IV.8 [Correspondence] -- Stefanseon, V.
Box 3, Folder IV.9 [Correspondence] -- Wheeler, Joseph L.
Box 3, Folder IV.10 [Correspondence] -- Winship, George P.
Box 3, Folder IV.11 [Correspondence] -- Wroth, Lawrene C.

Series V. Lownes, Albert E.

Container Description Date
Box 3, Folder V.1 Lownes, Albert E. -- Article
Box 3, Folder V.2 Lownes, Albert E. -- Book Collection
Box 3, Folder V.3 Lownes, Albert E. -- Conversations with
Box 3, Folder V.4 Lownes, Albert E. -- Correspondence and Biographical
Box 3, Folder V.5 Lownes, Albert E. -- Lownes History of Science
Box 3, Folder V.6 Lownes, Albert E. -- Personal library
Box 3, Folder V.7 Lownes, Albert E. -- 70th Birthday Tribute
Box 3, Folder V.8 Lownes, Albert E. -- Tribute

Series VI. Melville, Herman

Container Description Date
Box 3, Folder VI.1 Melville -- Bibliography
Box 3, Folder VI.2 Melville -- Collecting
Box 3, Folder VI.3 Melville -- Correspondence
Box 3, Folder VI.4 Melville -- Drafts -- FPAA
Box 3, Folder VI.5 Melville -- Exhibition Labels
Box 3, Folder VI.6 Melville -- First Printings
Box 3, Folder VI.7 Melville -- In Translation
Box 3, Folder VI.8 Melville Society
Box 3, Folder VI.9 Melville Whaling Room -- Board of Honorary Advisors

Series VII. Providence Public Library

Container Description Date
Box 4, Folder VII.1 Providence Public Library -- Corporation
Box 4, Folder VII.2 Providence Public Library -- History
Box 4, Folder VII.3 Providence Public Library -- [Misc.]
Box 4, Folder VII.4 Providence Public Library -- Nicholson Publication Fund
Box 4, Folder VII.5 Providence Public Library -- Pension

Series VIII. Rhode Island Historical Society

Container Description Date
Box 4, Folder VIII.1 R.I. Historical Society
1957 - 1966
Box 4, Folder VIII.2 R.I. Historical Society
Box 4, Folder VIII.3 R.I. Historical Society
Box 4, Folder VIII.4 R.I. Historical Society
Box 4, Folder VIII.5 R.I. Historical Society -- Financial
Box 4, Folder VIII.6 R.I. Historical Society -- Greene Papers
Box 4, Folder VIII.7 R.I. Historical Society -- Minutes of Executive Board
Box 4, Folder VIII.8 R.I. Historical Society -- Presidents Letter

Series IX. Sherman, Stuart Capen, Class of 1939

Container Description Date
Box 4, Folder IX. 1 Sherman, S.C. -- Biographical
Box 4, Folder IX. 2 Sherman, S.C. -- Daniel Berkley Updike and the Merrymount Press, 1940
Box 4
Box 4, Folder IX. 3 Sherman, S.C. -- Editions of Moby Dick -- SCS Collection
Box 4, Folder IX. 4 Sherman, S.C. -- John Hay Library -- Whats in it for Undergraduates?
Box 4, Folder IX. 5 Sherman, S.C. -- Pension -- Mrs. Beasley
Box 4, Folder IX. 6 Sherman, S.C. -- Personal (1/5)
Box 4, Folder IX. 7 Sherman, S.C. -- Personal (2/5)
Box 4, Folder IX. 8 Sherman, S.C. -- Personal (3/5)
Box 4, Folder IX. 9 Sherman, S.C. -- Personal (4/5)
Box 4, Folder IX. 10 Sherman, S.C. -- Personal (5/5)
Box 4, Folder IX. 11 Sherman, S.C. -- A Preliminary Guide to the Printed Book Collections
Box 5, Folder IX. 12 Sherman, S.C. -- Resignation, 1967-68
Box 5, Folder IX. 13 Sherman, S.C. -- Sabbatical -- 1974-75
Box 5, Folder IX. 14 Sherman, S.C. -- Sherman, Robert T.
Box 5, Folder IX. 15 Sherman, S.C. -- Seamere
Box 5, Folder IX. 16 Sherman, S.C. -- Some cetological diversion of a sub-sub-Librarian
Box 5, Folder IX. 17 Sherman, S.C. -- Speeches, Reviews

Series X. Whaling

Container Description Date
Box 5, Folder X. 1 Madeira (1/3)
Box 5, Folder X. 2 Madeira (2/3)
Box 5, Folder X. 3 Madeira (3/3)
Box 5, Folder X. 4 Madeira Whaling Journal
Box 5, Folder X. 5 The Nature, Possibilities, and Limitations
Box 5, Folder X. 6 Nicholson, Paul C.
Box 5, Folder X. 7 Nicholson Whaling Collection
Box 5, Folder X. 8 Sherman, Stuart C. -- Sperm Whaling in Madeira
Box 5, Folder X. 9 VanMeter, Elizabeth L. -- Whaling Logbooks and Journals in the Kendall Whaling Museum Collections
Box 5, Folder X. 10 Vineyard Whalemen -- A checklist A-C(1/5)
Box 5, Folder X. 11 Vineyard Whalemen -- A checklist D-K(2/5)
Box 5, Folder X. 12 Vineyard Whalemen -- A checklist L-O(3/5)
Box 5, Folder X. 13 Vineyard Whalemen -- A checklist P-W(4/5)
Box 5, Folder X. 14 Vineyard Whalemen -- A checklist (5/5)
Box 5, Folder X. 15 Whaling
Box 5, Folder X. 16 Whaling
Box 5, Folder X. 17 Whaling
Box 5, Folder X. 18 Whaling
Box 5, Folder X. 19 Whaling -- DeJong
Box 5, Folder X. 20 Whaling -- Johnson
Box 5, Folder X. 21 Whaling Seminar
Box 5, Folder X. 22 World Inventory of Manuscript