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Warren S. Gurney papers (Ms.79.7)

Brown University Library

Box A
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Container Description Date
Box 1, Folder 1 1863 Dec 27

1.0 item
Contents Note: Writing from "Camp Meigs Readville," Gurney discusses his arrival at camp.
Box 1, Folder 2 1864 Jan-Apr

8.0 items
Contents Note: Letter from "Near Fort Hayes, Jones House, and Hancock Station" discusses executions in camp. Three letters from Readville detail the regiment's movements. Remaining letters are from Annapolis and discuss, passim., family matters, camp life, miilitary maneuvers, Confederate prisoners, and Black troops.
Box 1, Folder 3 1864 May-Jun

7.0 items
Contents Note: Writing from Spotsylvania Court House and Hanover County, Virginia, Gurney describes his regiment's march towards Richmond, including the Battle of the Wilderness.
Box 1, Folder 4 1864 Jul-Aug

5.0 items
Contents Note: Camped outside Petersburg, Virginia, Gurney talks about the Union siege on the city. Letters dated July 30 and August 2 discuss in detail an unsuccessful charge by a "Colored Division" and the subsequent bitterness of the white troops. Letter of August 2 also mentions Lincon's coming election.
Box 1, Folder 5 1864 Sep-Oct

5.0 items
Contents Note: All letters are from a Union hospital near Petersburg, where Gurney is being treated for a thumb infection. Gurney discusses hospital life and the general military situation around Petersburg. Letters of October 25 and 26 briefly mention Lincoln's re-election attempt.
Box 1, Folder 6 1864 Nov-Dec

4.0 items
Contents Note: Gurney writes from different camps and forts around Petersburg, discussing camp life, the military situation around Petersburg and the general Union strategy. Letter of November 18 discusses Gen. Ambrose Burnside.
Box 1, Folder 7 1865 [Jan]-Feb

3.0 items
Contents Note: All of the letters are written from around Petersburg, and discuss the general military situation and family matters. In the letter dated 15 February, Gurney describes an execution and writes unfavourable remarks about the war and the U.S. Government.
Box 1, Folder 8 1865 Mar-May

5.0 items
Contents Note: Still in Petersburg, Gurney writes in the March letters of his dissatisfaction with the government and his pay delays. The may letters find him in a much better mood, discussing the end of the war, the military parade in Washington, and the effects of the war on the South.
Box 1, Folder 9 1865 Jun-Jul

5.0 items
Contents Note: Stationed near Alexandria, Gurney describes the last days of the war, the devastated Virginia countryside, and his desires to get home. His las letter, of 8 July, tells of his long-awaited discharge.