Guide to the Brown University Librarians' Files, circa 1984-1992

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Published in 2013

Collection Overview

Title:Brown University Librarians' files
Date range:circa 1984-1992
Creator:Brown University. Office of University Librarian.
Extent:6.75 Linear feet
Abstract:The University Librarians' files contain office files compiled during the tenure of Merrily E. Taylor. They are dated from circa 1984 to 1992.
Language of materials:English
Repository:John Hay Library , Special Collections
Collection number:OF-1X-17

Scope & content

The University Librarian's files, circa 1984-1991, were compiled during the tenure of Merrily E. Taylor. They have been organized into one series, General files. They are arranged alphabetically by topic. The files include materials related to the library administration, collection development and management, various Library and University committees, and professional associations.


The collection is organized in one series:
  • I. General Files, circa 1984-1992

Administrative history

The University Librarian serves as director of the University Libraries and as Chair of the Library Advisory Board (LAB). The University Librarian reports directly to the Provost of the University. Early librarians were generally tutors in the College, who added the care of the library to their other duties, and usually served for only a few years. The first of the long-term librarians was Horatio Gates Bowen from 1824 to 1840, who was followed by Charles C. Jewett (1842 to 1848), Reuben A. Guild (1848-1893), Harry Lyman Koopman (1893-1930), Henry B. Van Hoesen (1930-1949), David A. Jonah (1949-1974), Charles D. Churchwell (1974-1979), C. James Schmidt (1979- 1982), Merrily Taylor (1982-2004), Harriette Hemmasi (2005-present).

Access & Use

Access to the collection: There are no restrictions on access, except that the collection can only be seen by prior appointment. Some materials may be stored off-site and cannot be produced on the same day on which they are requested.
Use of the materials: All researchers seeking to publish materials from the collections of the John Hay Library are requested to complete a Notice of Intent to Publish, prior to reproducing, quoting, or otherwise publishing any portion or extract from this collection. Although Brown University has physical ownership of the collection and the materials contained therein, it does not claim literary rights. It is up to the researcher to determine the owners of the literary rights and to obtain any necessary permissions from them.
Preferred citation:University Librarians' Files, OF-1X-17, Brown University Archives.
Contact information: John Hay Library , Special Collections
Box A
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
Tel: 401-863-2146

Administrative Information

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Additional Information


I. General files, circa 1984-1992

Box 1, Folder 1A - General
Box 1, Folder 2Academic Council
Box 1, Folder 3Access Policy
Box 1, Folder 4Acquisitions Budget
Box 1, Folder 5Acquisitions Department
Box 1, Folder 6Advisory Committee on University Planning
Box 1, Folder 7Administration - Library
Box 1, Folder 8Admissions
Box 1, Folder 9Advisory and Executive Committee
Box 1, Folder 10Afro-American Studies
Box 1, Folder 11American Geophysical Union
Box 1, Folder 12Aids Center
Box 1, Folder 13American Library Association (General)
Box 1, Folder 14Albert, Sidney P.
Box 1, Folder 15Alumni Relations
Box 1, Folder 16Annmary Brown Memorial Library
Box 1, Folder 17Annual Report
Box 1, Folder 18Anthropology
Box 1, Folder 19Applied Mathematics
Box 1, Folder 20Archives
Box 1, Folder 21Art Department
Box 1, Folder 22Art in Collections at Brown
Box 1, Folder 23Art Slide Library
Box 1, Folder 24Association of College and Research Libraries
Box 1, Folder 25Association of Research Libraries
Box 1, Folder 26Association of Research Libraries - Systems and Procedures Exchange Center
Box 1, Folder 27Assistant University Librarians
Box 2, Folder 28B - General
Box 2, Folder 29Backlog
Box 2, Folder 30Belanger
Box 2, Folder 31Bibliofile
Box 2, Folder 32Bindery
Box 2, Folder 33Biomed
Box 2, Folder 34Bloomingdale
Box 2, Folder 35Booksale
Box 2, Folder 36Bradbury
Box 2, Folder 37Brown Alumni Monthly
Box 2, Folder 38Brown Military Collection
Box 2, Folder 39Brown Ziggurat Press
Box 2, Folder 40Annmary Brown Memorial
Box 2, Folder 41Budget Information
Box 2, Folder 42C - General
Box 2, Folder 43Campaign
Box 2, Folder 44Catalogue Department Reorganization
Box 2, Folder 45CD ROM
Box 2, Folder 46Center for Research Libraries
Box 2, Folder 47Chaplain
Box 2, Folder 48Charities
Box 2, Folder 49Circulation Department
Box 2, Folder 50Circulation System
Box 2, Folder 51Classics Department
Box 2, Folder 52CLSI
Box 2, Folder 53Professional Program Committee
Box 2, Folder 54COLA
Box 2, Folder 55Collection Space, Task Force on
Box 3, Folder 56Columbia
Box 3, Folder 57Columbus Committee
Box 3, Folder 58Computer Center
Box 3, Folder 59Computer Equipment
Box 3, Folder 60Computing and Information Systems, Task Force for
Box 3, Folder 61Commencement
Box 3, Folder 62Computing and Information Services
Box 3, Folder 63Congress People, letters to and from
Box 3, Folder 64Controller's Office
Box 3, Folder 65Copyright (database)
Box 3, Folder 66Copy Services
Box 3, Folder 67Cornell
Box 3, Folder 68Corporation
Box 3, Folder 69Council on Library Resources
Box 3, Folder 70Crawford
Box 3, Folder 71Consortium of Rhode Island Academic and Research Libraries
Box 4, Folder 72Council on Library Resources Internship Program
Box 4, Folder 73D - General
Box 4, Folder 74Deans
Box 4, Folder 75Department Heads
Box 4, Folder 76Department of State Library Services
Box 4, Folder 77Development
Box 4, Folder 78E - General
Box 4, Folder 79East Asian Collection
Box 4, Folder 80Economics Department
Box 4, Folder 81Education Department
Box 4, Folder 82Egyptology
Box 4, Folder 83Electronic Information Access
Box 4, Folder 84Employee Service Awards
Box 4, Folder 85English Department
Box 4, Folder 86F - General
Box 4, Folder 87Faculty
Box 4, Folder 88Faculty Library Committee
1990 - 1991
Box 4, Folder 89Faculty Library Committee
1989 - 1990
Box 4, Folder 90Faculty Studies
1990 - 1991
Box 5, Folder 91Faculty Studies
1989 - 1990
Box 5, Folder 92Farnham Archives
Box 5, Folder 93Food and Drink
Box 5, Folder 94Foreign Policy Development
Box 5, Folder 95Freshman Orientation
Box 5, Folder 96Friends of the Library
Box 5, Folder 97Friends Tour to England
Box 5, Folder 98G - General
Box 5, Folder 99Geology
Box 5, Folder 100Gifts
Box 5, Folder 101Gift Acknowledgments
Box 5, Folder 102Goals and Objectives
Box 5, Folder 103Graduate Council
Box 5, Folder 104Graduate School
Box 5, Folder 105H - General
Box 5, Folder 106Hall - Hoag Collection
Box 5, Folder 107Handicapped Access
Box 5, Folder 108Harris Collection
Box 5, Folder 109Harvard
Box 5, Folder 110History Department
Box 5, Folder 111Holiday Cards
Box 5, Folder 112Hours
Box 5, Folder 113Human Resources
Box 5, Folder 114HVAC
Box 6, Folder 115I - General
Box 6, Folder 116ICF
Box 6, Folder 117International Federation of Library Associations
Box 6, Folder 118Interlibrary Loan
Box 6, Folder 119Interlibrary Loan Reorganization
Box 6, Folder 120Insurance
Box 6, Folder 121Intern Program
Box 6, Folder 122International Studies
Box 6, Folder 123Institute for Research in Research and Scholarship Project
Box 6, Folder 124J - General
Box 6, Folder 125Japan Foundation(?)
Box 7, Folder 126John Carter Brown Library
Box 7, Folder 127John Hay Library
Box 7, Folder 128Josiah
Box 7, Folder 129Josiah Online Temporary
Box 7, Folder 130Judaic Studies
Box 7, Folder 131K - General
Box 7, Folder 132L - General
Box 7, Folder 133Language Studies, Center for
Box 7, Folder 134Latin American Project (Skidmore)
Box 8, Folder 135Library Administrative Staff
Box 8, Folder 136Library - CIS Retreat
Box 8, Folder 137Library Holiday Cards
Box 8, Folder 138Library of Congress
Box 8, Folder 139Library Business Manager
Box 8, Folder 140Library Impact Statement
Box 8, Folder 141Library Online Systems of the Future
Box 8, Folder 142Library Security Committee
Box 8, Folder 143Lost and Stolen Books
Box 8, Folder 144Lovecraft, H.P.
Box 8, Folder 145M - General
Box 8, Folder 146Mailroom
Box 8, Folder 147Management Development Program
Box 8, Folder 148Management Development Program
Box 8, Folder 149Maps
Box 9, Folder 150Maps for the Mind
Box 9, Folder 151Media Services
Box 9, Folder 152Medical
Box 9, Folder 153Medical Library Services Task Force
Box 9, Folder 154Medieval Studies
Box 9, Folder 155Modern Culture and Media
Box 9, Folder 156MIT
Box 9, Folder 157MIT Visiting Committee
Box 9, Folder 158MIT Visiting Committee
Box 9, Folder 159Music Library
Box 9, Folder 160N - General
Box 9, Folder 161NAHSL
Box 9, Folder 162National Endowment for the Humanities
Box 9, Folder 163National Security Archive
Box 9, Folder 164NEH Challenge Grant
Box 9, Folder 165NELINET
Box 9, Folder 166News Bureau
Box 9, Folder 167Newsletter, library
Box 10, Folder 168NHPRC (National Historical Publications and Records Commission) Grant
1990 - 1992
Box 10, Folder 169O - General
Box 10, Folder 170OCLC
Box 10, Folder 171Old World Archeology and Art
Box 10, Folder 172Office of Research Administration
Box 10, Folder 173P - General
Box 10, Folder 174Parking Office
Box 10, Folder 175Pembroke Library
Box 10, Folder 176Phebe Parker fund
Box 10, Folder 177Plant Operations
Box 10, Folder 178Political Science Department
Box 10, Folder 179Population Studies
Box 10, Folder 180Preservation
Box 10, Folder 181Preservation, Commission on
Box 10, Folder 182President
Box 11, Folder 183Princeton
Box 11, Folder 184Providence Public Library
Box 11, Folder 185Provost
Box 11, Folder 186Publications
Box 11, Folder 187Public Services
Box 11, Folder 188Q - General
Box 11, Folder 189Questionnaires
Box 11, Folder 190R - General
Box 11, Folder 191RECON
Box 11, Folder 192Reference
Box 11, Folder 193Registrar
Box 11, Folder 194Religious Studies
Box 11, Folder 195Replacement and Withdrawal Policy
Box 11, Folder 196Research Libraries Group
Box 12, Folder 197Reserves
Box 12, Folder 198RICH (Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities)
Box 12, Folder 199Rhode Island Film Cooperative
Box 12, Folder 200Rhode Island Council on Preservation of Research Resources
Box 12, Folder 201Rhode Island Medical Society
Box 12, Folder 202Rhode Island School of Design
Box 12, Folder 203Rhode Island Sheet Music Index Grant
1989 - 1991
Box 12, Folder 204Rhode Island Library Network
Box 12, Folder 205Rhode Island Music
Box 12, Folder 206Risk Management
Box 12, Folder 207Rostock
Box 13, Folder 208S - General
Box 13, Folder 209SACOL (State Advisory Council on Libraries)
Box 13, Folder 210Safety Office
Box 13, Folder 211Satellite Dishes
Box 13, Folder 212Schedules
Box 13, Folder 213Scholar's Workstations
Box 13, Folder 214Sciences Library
Box 13, Folder 215Sciences Library (14th Floor)
Box 13, Folder 216Security
Box 13, Folder 217Service Awards
Box 13, Folder 218Silver Collection
Box 13, Folder 219Smith Collection
Box 13, Folder 220Sociology
Box 13, Folder 221Special Collections
Box 13, Folder 222Staff
Box 13, Folder 223Staff Development Committee
Box 13, Folder 224Staff Parties
Box 13, Folder 225Stamp Collections
Box 13, Folder 226Statistics
Box 13, Folder 227Steel, Virginia
Box 13, Folder 228Stillwell Prize
Box 13, Folder 229Student Assistants
Box 13, Folder 230Summer Studies
Box 13, Folder 231Systems Office
Box 13, Folder 232T - General
Box 13, Folder 233Technical Services
Box 13, Folder 234Telecommunications
Box 13, Folder 235Title II-C
Box 14, Folder 236Travel
1990 - 1991
Box 14, Folder 237Travel
1989 - 1990
Box 14, Folder 238Travel Reports
Box 14, Folder 239Trustee Handbook
Box 14, Folder 240Tuition
1990 - 1991
Box 14, Folder 241Tuition Reimbursement
Box 15, Folder 242U - General
Box 15, Folder 243University Bibliographer
Box 15, Folder 244University Librarian
Box 15, Folder 245University Library Committee
Box 15, Folder 246University Library Committee
1991 April
Box 15, Folder 247University Library Committee Meeting
1990 September
Box 15, Folder 248University Library Committee
1990 May 21
Box 15, Folder 249University Relations
Box 15, Folder 250University of Rhode Island
Box 15, Folder 251United States Department of Education
Box 15, Folder 252V - General
Box 15, Folder 253W - General
Box 15, Folder 254Western Library Network
Box 15, Folder 255Wheaton
Box 15, Folder 256William Rodgers Award
Box 15, Folder 257Wolzer Project (Hay optical disk)
Box 15, Folder 258Ziggaurut Press
Box 16Public Services Self Study
1984 November 1