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University Librarians' files (OF.1X.23)

Brown University Archives

Box A
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
Tel: 401-863-2146

Administrative History

The University Librarian serves as director of the University Libraries and as Chair of the Library Advisory Board (LAB). The University Librarian reports directly to the Provost of the University. Early librarians were generally tutors in the College, who added the care of the library to their other duties, and usually served for only a few years. The first of the long-term librarians was Horatio Gates Bowen from 1824 to 1840, who was followed by Charles C. Jewett (1842 to 1848), Reuben A. Guild (1848-1893), Harry Lyman Koopman (1893-1930), Henry B. Van Hoesen (1930-1949), David A. Jonah (1949-1974), Charles D. Churchwell (1974-1979), C. James Schmidt (1979- 1982), Merrily Taylor (1982-2004), Harriette Hemmasi (2005-present).