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Historical note

The Community Art Project, 1933-1943, was started by Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design under a grant from the Carnegie Foundation. The essential purposes of the project were to coordinate and encourage cooperation among groups and organizations already promoting the arts in Rhode Island, to collect and disseminate information of use to these organization and to the public, to generate interest in the art resources available in Rhode Island, and to promote related objectives not already represented by existing group and organizations.

From 1932 to 1934, Brown and RISD sponsored three sessions of the Institute of Art as part of the project. These sessions addressed fine arts, music, theater, industrial art, and art in education.

Additionally, Brown and RISD produced a monthly Calendar of Art Events, which was replaced by the RISD Museum of Art's Calendar for the Arts in 1943.

While the CAP initially relied on grant funding, by 1940 Brown and RISD had assumed a portion of the expenses. Additional funds were received through the establishment of a $1 subscription fee.